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At Hotel Kivir, we are an enthusiastic team who take pride in serving our guests with professionalism, friendliness and freshness.

Smiling is our trademark, because we love what we do and transmit what we feel. Therefore, the happiness of our team and our guests is our reason for being.

If you would like to know more about us, here are some of our contacts. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

About us - Hotel Kivir
Alejandro Rodriguez

Managing Director Hotel Bécquer and Hotel Kivir

Andrea Martínez

Manager Hotel Kivir and Deputy Manager Hotel Bécquer

Kivir Hotels
kivir hotel

Mª José Chacón

Assistant to the Director

Monica Coppola

Group Bookings

Kivir hotel
About us - Hotel Kivir

Ramiro Martínez

Quality Manager

Teresa Cruz


About us - Hotel Kivir
Kivir hotel

Luis Guerrero Gil

Comercial & Marketing Director

Mª del Mar Morillo

Head of Reception

Kivir hotel
Kivir hotel

Miguel Arenas

Head of restaurant


Jefe de mantenimiento

Kivir hotel

Juan Domínguez

Maintenance Manager

Miguel Arenas

Restaurant Manager

Esther Muñoz

Administration Manager