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Hotel Kivir

Exclusive advantages

Kivir Terrace

Experience Kivir Terrace, our proposal for contemplating the beauty of Seville from every angle while enjoying a cocktail and the personalised attention of our team.

Events in the sky

Stimulate your senses by enjoying a cocktail at the Kivir Terrace-Bar, which is located on the terrace. An elegant, avant-garde space with thoughtful décor, good service and a musical atmosphere. It’s a privileged, multipurpose location in Seville, with a fine selection of products to organise all sorts of events.

Hotel Kivir

In winter or in summer

An iconic meeting point in the city, Kivir Terrace is equipped with a microclimate system for the summer season. This space, and the three Premium Large Terrace Rooms, can be hired for special events.

Hotel Kivir
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